Our Philosophy

These photos are for you, real moments between you and your partner matter more than the perfectly posed Instagram photo. I don’t want you to read that and think that you won’t get bomb portraits or that we won’t help guide you in front of the camera - we will absolutely give you direction when you need it. 


This is a process that has to have a foundation of trust to thrive. When you invite us into your world, we’re able to create our most meaningful, personal photos for you. From the moment you reach out to us, we want to feel like more than just a vendor.

We’re not going to make you fake anything. We want your photos to look like your wedding, not everyone else’s you’ve seen online. There’s beauty in the fact that this story is uniquely yours and we want to document that for you. 

Connection is at the heart of our work and it’s SO important to us that we’re a good fit for each other. You’ll be spending a lot of time around us on your wedding day, and your experience will be so much better if we feel like friends.



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 After we’ve figured out which package is best for you, you’ll receive a customized invoice and contract. For weddings, we require a 25% retainer upon booking. Once we've received your signed contract and retainer, we're all yours!


 Check in with us whenever you need to, seriously email or text us anytime. We're here for you and love keeping in touch over the whole process! We'll be working behind the scenes with your planner to draft a timeline and make sure everything goes smoothly. You’ll receive a questionnaire one month out from the wedding to help fill us in on those last minute details! We'll also schedule a call at this time to chat over the timeline and questionnaire together!


The big day is here!! The planning is over and now you get to have the best day ever! We'll be at the venue a little early to get set up and make sure we don't miss a thing. If we're traveling to you, you can expect us to be in town at least one day prior.


You've already gotten your sneak peeks within 72 hours and can expect your full gallery in 6-8 weeks. Also, keep an eye on your mailbox  because we've got something special on the way to you!